Quarantined on Cyclops Island!!!

Christian Segura 5-18-2020 CLAS 273 Quarantined on Cyclops Island!!!     I decided to talk about the mythological tale of Achaemenides being stranded on an island full of cyclopes because I feel it best relates to most of us being quarantined in one set location (hopefully not with people as scary as the cyclopes). This tale … Continue reading Quarantined on Cyclops Island!!!

The Death of Orpheus

Christian Segura The Death of Orpheus I absolutely had a great time reading about the death of Orpheus! The imagery alone was the most significant and, in my opinion, the best compliment to such a devastatingly beautiful end to Orpheus. The tragedy literally begins with Orpheus atop a mountain having all manner of objects hurled … Continue reading The Death of Orpheus