Pomona – Love? Denial?

Vertumnus and Pomona by Francesco Meizi (1493-1570). Pomona is often seen surrounded by fruit or a fruit platter. In the Metamorphoses, Pomona is pursued by many gods for her beauty. She scorns the love of these gods to remain devoted only to her garden. However, one of these gods, Vertumnus, does not give up easily. … Continue reading Pomona – Love? Denial?

(not) the victim

Artist: Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Italian, Florence, ca.1432–1498Hercules and Deianira The story about how Deianira was fought over by Hercules and Acheloüs like a prize is one thing, but when Acheloüs and Nessus start talking about Nessus' encounter with Deianira and Hercules it really shows toxic masculinity. Just because things did not go their way, the way … Continue reading (not) the victim


Procris and Cephalusca. 1850-1908 --- by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope --- Image by © Fine Art Photographic Library/Corbis The story of Procris and Cephalus in the Met's Book VII was one of doubt in their loved one. However the way that each handled their suspicions were very different. As Cephalus doubts Procris' fidelity to him, … Continue reading Distrust